Daddy dearest

Here comes another story about my dad. I swear, he’s just getting cuter and cuter as he gets older. This past Monday was the Lunar New Year, so over the weekend we visited my family for New Year’s Eve. The weekend started out on Saturday at my cousin’s one month party for his baby (where as anyone on Facebook already knows, I was inundated with “When are you guys going to have a baby?” questions.). That night actually showed the cuteness of my uncle as he has gotten older…telling stories of my brother and how he much cried when he was a baby. Hahaha.

We spent the night at my folks and in the morning my dad decided to take me and Jason out for breakfast. I don’t think I have EVER gone out to breakfast with my dad alone without the whole family. But when my dad heard Jason wanted to go out to get some coffee, he just HAD to take us to this place that served up great noodles and coffee. So off we went, just me, Jason and my daddy. The noodles were delicious and Jason had a strong cup of ca phe sua nong, hot Vietnamese drip coffee. As we ate, my dad said that he will buy some Vietnamese ground coffee so that Jason can make some at home. Isn’t that so thoughtful? Then we we got home my mom let me know that my dad always always takes his friends and people visiting in town to the noodle cafe. So it was a special go to place for my dad. 🙂 I absolutely love and adore that my dad puts this effort and care with Jason. 🙂 🙂

Birthdays and such

December is always a busy month. Not only is it the holidays but also a month for my mom’s and my own birthdays. My birthday was a fairly quiet one and marks the tail end of my 20’s. Both Jason and me are sick, but we managed to go out and have a nice dinner to celebrate. It was all very last minute as the original restaurant I wanted to go to called just days before to tell us they had a fire and had to cancel the reservations and will be closed for months! Thankfully I found a great recommendation on a foodie board and we went to a quaint little bistro.

Jason got me a fancy shmancy fitness monitor which monitors my heart rate and tracks my calories burned. So with this new toy and my existing bodbugg, I’ll be totally strapped up when I’m at the gym. And then there is my bestest friend who always has to go crazy for my birthday and Christmas. I opened up like 8-10 different presents! And one of the gifts that I didn’t realize that I would have to fight with Jason to play with is the Aerosmith Guitar Hero for the Wii! Yes…she is the bestest for a reason.

My mother’s birthday is just two days before mine, but this year we celebrated a little early. And her birthday is a story of just how adorable my father has become as he’s gotten older. When it comes to my parents’ birthdays, Mother’s day, and Father’s day, we ALWAYS do the same thing every single time every single year. There is a Chinese buffet that my parents love and that is just what we always do.

But not this time. Oh no. My dad wanted to surprise my mom and he started planning a month early. Who are you and what have you done with my dad!? It was so cute. On Thanksgiving he snuck around and passed us the business card for the restaurant and told us to not tell our mom. Then when it came time, he made my sister tell my mom and when she let him know he pretended that it was the first time he ever heard about the dinner! Then the day of, as we all drove to the restaurant he snuck around once again to go get the birthday cake. Too adorable and not something I would have ever expected my dad to do. I hope we’re that cute years from now.


Fires are long gone and everyone that I know that were affected are fine and safe. The fires came real close however. Here are some pics taken on the side road I take to get on the freeway from my workplace.

The last photo is of what once was a brightly lit cross that you couldn’t miss as you drove on the 91 freeway. Ever since I started going to Disneyland regularly 10 years ago from Riverside, I always kept an eye out for that cross to know how close I was to the happiest place on earth. I hope someday it will shine brightly again in the night sky.

Fire, Part Deux

As I slept, the fire has shifted and my workplace as far as I know is okay. I hope Angela will be allowed back soon to check on her home abode. Now the fire is creeping into Diamond Bar, so I woke up to wondering if my sister is going to be safe. She’s just outside the red zone on the map which is mandatory evacuation. My mom says my sister can see the mountains burning. She’s packing up right now and will be heading to my folks with my niece and nephew as soon as she is told she has to leave.


Great Balls of Fire

Yet again Southern California is up in smoke and fire thanks to the Santa Ana winds. I woke up this morning to find out that a fire started up in Anaheim/Corona. It’s something I’ve gotten used to. I’ve worked in Anaheim Hills for 3 1/2 years now and every year, there is some kind of fire that will occur. This is the worst I’ve seen. They’ve completely shut down the freeway and as I am watching the news now, they are showing smoke from the freeway just an exit away from my work. I checked with my co-worker at 1:30 earlier today who supervises our weekend support staff and he texted me to let me know that they were told to evacuate and that the office will be closed until further notice from our boss. Will I have something to return to come Monday morning?

On top of that, I have friends, co-workers, and relatives that live in the area. I hope that everyone is safe. 🙁

Update: The riverbed by the Honda dealership that is ohhh, 3-4 blocks away from my work is on fire. My friend Angela lives near the dealership. I know she was able to evacuate and I hope that they are able to keep the fire away from her home!

I live 20-30 miles away and found a photo online of the fire from where we are…


My luck the day I wanted to blog, my host had server issues for 10 hours. 10 HOURS!!! So time to move the rest of my stuff to Godaddy. Hopefully I can get that done today before things get hosed again. I’ve got a few real posts in the works. Until then…enjoy this crazy cat

Bodybugg: one month down

Been a month on the bodybugg and so far I am down 1.6% body fat! ^_^ Of course it’s not all thanks to the bugg. My trainer does a number on me weekly and I track my food, but it definitely has helped me keep on course!

Kind of depressing to see that I burn as much sitting on my butt at work as I do sleeping, but it does motivate me to try to move around more. It’s definitely been interesting to see how many calories I am burning when I’m at the gym doing different workouts and I’m pleasantly surprised to see I burn quite a bit on the Wii Fit!

First couple of days at work, people kept asking me what the heck I was wearing. I read all over online on how to conceal it under clothes and what kind of clothes work best, but I didn’t particularly care. I wear a lot of sleeveless shirts to work and I wasn’t going to go on a shopping spree (especially after shelling $$ out on the bodybugg), just to keep it under cover. I still had people ask me about it just this week.

Really hope this downward trend continues. It’s been a rough couple of months on the weight loss front. I’ve been having issues with extra water retention that keeps my weight yo-yoing, but finally…finally things are steadily staying down even after taking the extra water weight into consideration.

Big bundle of joy

No, I am not hinting at anything. My tiny sister-in-law Marie just gave birth to a 9 lb 6 oz baby. Ouch. And blogged the whole thing since she decided to do a home birth. Yes, chicks are tough and rule. However, you can bet your pretty bottom that if I ever have a kid, I’ll be in the hospital with an epidural and no cameras please. 😛 LOL So now I have another niece! Girls definitely run on both sides of the family. On Jason’s side there are now 5 nieces versus 1 nephew. On my side there is 4 versus 1. My sister’s boy is itching for a boy to play with. Hahaha.

I guess I do have a bundle of joy to share, but it is more of an electronic nature. I decided to purchase a bodybugg from my gym to help with my weight loss. I haven’t set it up yet, but it is the neatest thing. You wear it around your arm like an mp3 player and it’s got all these sensors to track your heat, perspiration, movement, etc to determine your calories burned throughout the day. I haven’t heard anything negative about it, minus the cost (but if you want results…what can you do?) ….so here goes nothing. 🙂