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A month already?

Has it really been a month since I’ve posted? As I tell Jason for numerous other things, I’m workin on it! So instead of this being a weekend review as it should be like the likes of the fabulous Nanette and Angela, I need to go further back in time. *hangs head in shame* But it’s something at least.

Last I wrote, I went to go see Cowboy Mouth, the greatest rock and roll band ever to see live, at The Roxy! Tracy and her sister Christine flew down from Seattle to see the show and it was always great to see them. Dia was supposed to join us but sadly had to decline because she was in a walking cast and there is just no sitting allowed at a CM show. It was the first time I’ve seen the band sans Paul Sanchez. Still rockin, but I miss Paul’s stage presence. He always had the greatest smile on his face! Replacing Paul is Vance Degeneres (Ellen’s brother) and I must share my very first impression of him.

Vance = if Spock could play guitar.

Similarities? I think so. I blame it on the radio reporting about a new movie on Spock earlier that day. 😛 All kidding aside, Vance is a really good guitar player and I hope he sticks around. 🙂

I started writing this blog on Monday when I left work early to see my doctor because I did something funny to my hand over the weekend. And guess what? Today is Thursday!! So instead of delaying this even further and possibly never posting it…I’m just gonna end it here and start another one for my next recap.