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Is it in bad form to get drunk at one in the afternoon when you’re not in Vegas or at Mardi Gras? Classy I am, I know. I had intentions to go to Moreno Valley to check out Salo Salo Grill after hearing so much about it from Angela, but didn’t find time to head that direction. Instead today we went to Rancho Cucamonga to Victoria Gardens where they were having a Wine Festival. It was very minimal, with only three wineries there, but oooooooooh tasty. For $5, I got seven ounces of pure bliss. In attendance was Joseph Filippi Winery and I had some of their Fondanté Ciello – “Sweet Heaven” Port. Very chocolatey and at 18% alcohol, 7 ounces, empty stomach and warm weather….I got quite drunk pretty fast. Oops. Jason was entertained by my utter silliness and a pastrami sandwich and chilli cheese fries from The Hat never tasted so good. For dessert, Pinkberry! Original with mochi. Mmmmmm.

In other news, Jason wants to be able to carry me by our one year anniversary. No comment. 😛 LOL Is it doable? Sure. Very easily? Hmm…that’s another story. But I vow to put my best foot forward in losing weight and getting in shape. We’ll see how things go.