Monthly Archives: October 2003

Bells of St. Paul

…are calling and they are calling my name. Linda Eder is back in town and she’ll be here for a holiday concert! Woo hoo. I can’t recall the last time I saw her. It must have been before the sanity of the past two years with Harry related stuff. I couldn’t miss out this time…not a holiday concert. So it’s one of the many birthday concert presents to myself. LOL Row K. Not too shabby, but I’m spoiled on my prime seats at Harry shows. And speaking of Harry, I’ll be hitting his holiday shows in Chicago with my girls! Fun stuff. If he won’t come to Cali, Cali will come to him. 😉

A Little Break

I need a little break from you
You need a little break from me
I know what’s best for you
You know what’s best for me
It seems we both need changes in our scenery
You need a little break from me
I need a little break from you
You know this scares me too

A Little Break – Fred Leblanc


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Isn't it great to be alive!?

I love UPS. What can brown do for me? They brought me a lovely package today, that’s what! Now in my possession is a poster for “Uh Oh” signed by everyone in Cowboy Mouth! Rock on! But what I was excited for was….my handwritten lyrics to Crazy ‘Bout Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Fred wrote them and now I just need to get the boys to sign it! I’m a happy girl right now. 😉