Monthly Archives: April 2004

'Kick my ass…maybe I can get rid of it that way

Yes, I’m still neglecting my site. Think I’ll mean it this time when I say I hope to post something substantial soon? I still haven’t talked about New Orleans let alone my trip to Chicago…from DECEMBER!

Wedding junk mail has ceased for now, but maybe they’ve decided to focus on my sister who is getting hitched in June as it seems that she is now getting all the wedding junk mail. Ha! Certainly fine by me.

The real reason for this post…I did something I thought I’d never do. Participate in an online “contest” and let total strangers keep tabs on me and pass judgement on me. 😮 But I firmly believe this will help me out in the end. You can find me taking part in The Blog Swan where in 3 months time people will look and feel better without the need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on plastic surgery. Hoping this will get me back on track. Let’s see how well I will fare. Hoping to lose at least 20 lbs! I guess this means I’ll have to post more often too…hmm, maybe I will mean it this time. 😉

Off to bed. Gym at 7 am. Yes, the GYM! At 7 am! On a WEEKEND! That’s just wrong on so many levels.