Monthly Archives: June 2004

Face lift

Gave this place a new look! Still fixing on some things, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Guess I have my small knowledge of CS to thank for when tackling the php functions. 😛

Starting the day out right

Yesterday I drove out to spend some time with Jason. My morning was not going right at all. I was running a few minutes behind for starters and wound up getting stuck in traffic because of an accident. And of course, it wouldn’t be home sweet home without my parents finding some way to irritate me. I love them, but they certainly do test my nerves. My father is still none too pleased about me not dating someone Chinese. Amazingly though my mother was trying to reason with him. Utter shock! 😮 My mom is the one that usually gives me hell over such things! That is another story for another time.

While stuck in traffic, I gave a call to Jason to let him know I was running late. I was supposed to get there by 9 because he wanted to get to the wrecking yard to find some parts for his truck. The sweetheart told me not to worry about being late and that he had something for me when I got there. I wound up being 20 minutes late! I walked into his place and was greeted with breakfast laid out for me! He had the juice out, cereal and milk, and had a bagel all toasted and ready for me with some cream cheese on a plate. That was soooooooo sweet. You see, I am not a breakfast person. I hardly ever eat breakfast. I’ve been trying to be better about it but the odds are better with me not having eaten breakfast on any given day. The boy thinks breakfast is essential though and for him to have it ready for me to make sure I start the day out right was just the sweetest gesture.

I jokingly said to him, “How’d you guess that I didn’t have breakfast yet?”

“Because you never have breakfast!!” Heh. 😛

I thanked him and gave him a kiss. He was beaming. I love that guy. 😉

My morning may have had its bumps along the way, but it still started out right. 🙂

Here's Your Sign

So I’m at the local Petsmart with my mother buying dog food today. She decides the dog deserves some treats and we come across this display of treats. Now I know that they did look similar to Cheetos and what not, but this is PETSMART and we were in the middle of the store. My dearest mother goes, “Are these for dogs?” No they’re for people. Can I have a bag?

…Here’s your sign. 😛 I know. I’m a bad daughter.