Monthly Archives: November 2004


Our neighbor across the street dropped off a homemade loaf of pumpkin raisin walnut bread. Oh yummy! Must figure out which apartment she lives in…it would be nice to send some goodies her way around the holidays. I would have asked her if I was home when she dropped it off. She’s a real sweet lady. She’s the only neighbor that makes an effort to be friendly to anyone in the neighborhood. She loves my parents’ front yard and all the flowers my mom plants. I think she realizes all the kids are slowly leaving the nest and my parents are all lonesome. 😛 Heh. I want to find a nice friendly neighborhood to live in. Neighbors that know each other, keep an eye out for each other. I remember our next door neighbors in our old house. They would bring us food sometimes too. And I had lots of Barbie dolls from them! But I digress and have gotten off track. I think I need another slice of bread…..