Monthly Archives: April 2005

New look? Not quite…

Finally got around to upgrading WordPress. Now I have the daunting task of figuring how to put my layout into their new template system. So pardon me and the look of this site while I muck around. I’ve got a few things I want to write about, so I’m determined to figure this out.

Edit:…how about that? That was rather painless. Still needs tweaking, but I’m surprised it’s not an ugly mess like the last time I did an upgrade. I’ll deal with the minor glitches later.


What the hell is going on today?? All day non-stop I’ve been getting spammed up the wazoo in my comments and trackbacks. I think at least 100 each so far. UGH! Time to update my stuff. If things look weird or disappear in the next day or two, it’s most likely because I probably oh so stupidly wrote over my layout with the default layout…which I tend to do eventhough I repeatedly remind myself not to!

In other news…

  • No credit card STILL. Had to give up and report it lost. Let’s hope third time’s the charm?
  • Jay London wound up playing in Hollywood LAST night. Poor sweetie was bummed, I shouldn’t have told him!
  • At least we’ve got Cowboy Mouth in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I *heart* farmers markets. Bought squaw bread, strawberry banana bread, pita chips, garlic hummus, and more chili spiced dried mango. Mmmm. No need to remind me that I am trying to lose weight!

…I know, exciting life I lead eh? 😉 Heh. Time to make dinner!


My face is almost pretty much back to normal. Hooray! But now I have something else that I am dealing with. Numb fingers! It seems I must have the grip of death when it comes to holding on to my handlebars and now my ring and pinky fingers on my right hand are a bit numb and tingling. It’s been two days now. 😮 Supposed to be because of either my grip or the bend of my elbow. Maybe it’s both because my elbow is a bit sore. I think I need to take a break from biking, but I would hate to do that. I’m going to see if making my handlebars higher will help. It’s supposed to be a comon probem with cycling, so I am hoping desperately that this will go away. I don’t want to go to the doctor!!!! My mother just had surgery on her hands for carpal tunnel and I so don’t want to wind up having to do that.

Still no credit card. Ugh. I did get my statement though…how kind of them. 😛 Think I’ll just call tomorrow, transfer my balance from my other card (really good % rate, but been holding off on because I wanted my new card in my hands first…guess I have no choice!), and then report this new one lost.

Jason’s birthday is in two weeks and I have no idea what to do for him! He said his birthday last year was his best one ever. How am I supposed to top myself?? I have zero ideas. At least none that would work. I was hoping to take him to see Jay London perform somewhere, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to pan out. All he wants for his birthday is a bamboo backscratcher. I am not going to buy him a several dollar backscratcher and leave it at that. LOL I did buy one item today (can’t say what since he reads from time to time. Hi. 😉 ) that I think he will like, but I still think I need to do something else. I need to come up with a fabulous dinner to cook for him.

What's in your wallet?

Well it’s not my Capital One card, that’s for sure! They are taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My credit card expired last month and my new one never showed up. So I called to report it lost and to request a new card. They tell me 4 days for them to get the card out and 10 more days for it to go through the postal service. Well it’s been almost 4 weeks now and no card! I called today and they didn’t issue me a new card until the 15th of last month. The customer rep said it should have arrived last week. Still nothing in the mail. I’m giving them a little longer and hope it shows up. It would be a pain in the ass to report it lost for a second time. UGH! Meanwhile, they took away my online access to my account which is how I always made my payments. It’s been so long since I’ve written a check, I don’t know where my checkbook is.

Anywho, face is getting better. Still bruisy and the scabs are making me look like I’ve burned myself too. Can’t sleep on that side of my face yet. It’s not stopping me from biking though. I did 10 miles yesterday and I will ride again on Sunday!

Stumbled upon a local farmers market today just as I was wondering this morning if there were any around here. What are the chances? Got 3 baskets of red sweet strawberries, (YUM!) 5 lb bag of grapefruit, chili spiced dried mango, wasabi green peas, and crystalized ginger. I think I’ll be frequenting that farmers market on an occassional basis now that I know it’s there. Everything is fresh and the quality is so much better than the stores. The strawberries are just gorgeous! I bought some at Vons the other week and they were pretty mediocre considering Vons is good about quality. There were containers with shriveled berries and some with mold. Gross. But these today at the market….so red, big, and sweet!

In Hot Pursuit

It’s spreading to my eye now!!!! 🙁 I think it had to do with me rubbing my eye this afternoon. (Jason will kill me for doing that, but I don’t have any evil eye drops) I guess the blood had to go somewhere. Doh! Looks like I’ve been in a fight…yeah, with an inanimate object! I feel a bump on my right jaw too, but at least that hasn’t turned purple on me yet! Donna suggested moist heat, so I’m going to put a warm wet towel on my face tonight. Looks like more makeup for me. Ugh.

I never got around to my bike ride today. Maybe for the best considering the way I am looking! Instead I was stuck momentarily in a crazy ass car chase!!!

Caped Driver Leads Police On Wild Ride

I got caught somewhere in the beginning of the pursuit. My heart literally skipped a beat before I even realized what the hell was going on. I was driving in the opposite direction and he was heading towards me with like 5-6 police cars following him going a whopping 5-10 mph. He was wearing a shiny purple robe and had his head out making hand gestures to everyone he passed by. Looked like a real nut trying to be all bad ass. Cars in front of me weren’t moving even if it already passed them. Come on people!!!!! Move your ass! I don’t want to get shot!!!!! The news showed him driving on the street with half his body out of the car at one point! Oy. And am I crazy that as an afterthought I wished I had grabbed my camera phone to take a picture of him? LOL Turns out he’s not quite all there mentally and ransacked his parents’ place before getting chased.

Later I found out that there was another car chase that had ended right before that one started. It ended just BLOCKS from where I was at!!! How crazy is that?? Needless to say, I didn’t really want to be outside anywhere for the rest of the day. *chuckles*


I figured out how to send pictures (which might be evil because I’m on a pay per use plan right now), so here is my swollen ass bruise. This is actually a NICE shot. My camera still refuses to save the fugly ones…which is good for those of you reading. 😛 It’s been SEVEN hours now and it’s still swollen!!!

Crash and Burn

Today I thought to take my bike out to Whittier Narrows Park and check it out. I’ve never been eventhough it’s only 10 miles away or so, but I read how it had a bike path circling the big lake. What a huge park and so pretty with all the birds waddling around. Saw lots of geese and even a few adorable goslings! Some cute chipmunks too. I only wished I had my camera with me.

The whole bike path was supposedly around 2 miles, but it’s hard to tell since it loops around in a few places. I think I must have gone at least 10 miles. I was there for little under 2 hours. I would have gone longer except I had a bit of an incident with a wooden bridge. Whacked my head real good. Smart Sarah. I now have a big bump right next to my eye at the top of my cheek. It hurts but I’m okay. I think my ego is bruised more than my face. 😛 It is looking hideous though. So bad that my camera phone will not correctly save it! It saved every other shot I tried to take, but when I tried taking a pic of this nasty bruise it would turn into a blur when I try to look at it after saving. Shows up normal in the browse window, but all a blur when viewing. Oh well. I couldn’t figure out how to send it to my email account anyhow. I called Jason after the crash and he said that I will still be pretty to him. Aww. 🙂 He might change his mind after I tell him about my camera acting wacko at the sight of my face. LOL Now I need to cover it up with makeup so my folks won’t wonder what the hell I did.

On top of that I broke my sunglasses! Which isn’t too bad because Jason got it free at a convention he went to. But then I realized my earrings were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure how I lost them…I only got myself whacked on one side of the head, so it would be understandable if I lost one earring but I lost both! Maybe I lost them somewhere else, but didn’t notice until now. I know I still had them on Saturday because they were in my way when I was fixing my hair. They were the earrings I bought a couple months ago when we went ring shopping. I think my missing earrings are more depressing to me than the crash. 🙁 They weren’t super expensive, but still more and better than the cheapo stuff in the mall. *sigh*

Ohh and am I still going to go back to the park? You betcha. Bright and early tomorrow! I’m either fearless or stupid. Maybe both. 😛

Happiness Comes With a Big Price Tag

The other day Jason and I were discussing Disneyland and how long it’s been since we’ve gone. So I got to thinking…when would it be possible for us to visit the Happiest Place on Earth? Lo and behold, what do I get in the mail? A flyer telling me to “come home again.” I used to be an annual passholder some time ago. Gave me something to do when I was bored of schoolwork. 😉 But when I didn’t have anyone anymore to go with me (going alone is nice, but not ALL the time) I just let my pass lapse a couple years ago. Back then the premium pass (no blackout dates) was just $200. I know…JUST $200? Believe me that’s a steal…if you go at least 4 times then you’ve gotten your money’s worth. And I went a lot! Now this flyer has the latest AP prices and OH MY GOD! $329 for the premium!!! *winces* It went up $129 in TWO years! What the hell!? I suppose it is still a bargain, but OUCH! Admission to one park for one day is $53. Both parks in one day for $73! Apparently money may not buy you love, but it certainly will buy you some happiness. I am already grimacing at what prices will be like when I find myself married and with little munchkins that want to go visit the mouse house. Eeeek!