Monthly Archives: August 2005

Thanks to the recently signed transportation bill, I now have the possibility of driving in the carpool lane by myself because I have a hybrid! I have been waiting for this to go through for almost a year now and was bouncing in my seat as I drove to work when I heard it on the radio. Thank you my little Civic Hybrid! I filled the form out the minute I got back from work.

Other than that, nothing exciting to report. Still need to develop those Cowboy Mouth pictures. How I used to write something daily on my old site is beyond me, but I guess I’m a lot busier now too. Work has been keeping me busy and being busy and getting paid is always a nice thing. The end of this week marked my one month with the company…time flies. Two more months of probation left! It is funny how Jason used to bug me about not waking up early with him in the morning and now I am waking up and will have left before he wakes up.

Tonight and tomorrow will be a fun one. Tonight we are going to see Jeff Dunham down in Santa Ana where he is recording for his next DVD! That guy is hilarious…I only wish that Donna could be there too. Then tomorrow Tracy will be in town for a week with her family on vacation at Disneyland. Jason and I are going to meet up with her tomorrow for dinner. She wants to check him out for the rest of the hooches that have yet to meet him. 😉 LOL Hopefully we can grab some NOLA grub at the Jazz Kitchen. Yum!!

Time to take care of some chores. Thrilling life I lead, isn’t it? 😛