Monthly Archives: September 2005

Hurricane Katrina

What a sad situation this hurricane has brought forth. It just breaks my heart everytime I have a chance to watch the news, read a newspaper, or sneak a look online on my breaks at work. I’ve been to New Orleans, but most importantly I KNOW people in New Orleans, so it’s hit me a little harder. I am thankful Stacey got out and is staying with Dia. I am thankful that Jean is safe and her house only has minor damage. Thankful that she’s got a back up generator and that her family is doing okay with all things considering. I only wish I could help her in some way. But with no mail service, there is not much I can do. Even if there were, I’d fear the looters would get to whatever I send before she does. I’m thankful that the guys in Harry’s band, and the members of Cowboy Mouth are all safe. Praying that people will get the food and supplies they need. Praying for all those that still need to be rescued or are still missing. A co-worker of mine has a great aunt missing. A client of mine has parents missing. It’s all so sad. 🙁

If you have not yet donated, please consider it. Every little bit helps. These people have a long road ahead of them. Don’t let images of the looters deter you. They are just a fraction of the population that needs help. Never have I been in another city where the people are so warm, friendly, and giving. If anything, the looters makes the rest of the people need the help that much more. Please help out.

Red Cross
Salvation Army Relief fund