Monthly Archives: October 2005

Get on the Bus, but Forget About Moving on the Freeway

So Rosa Parks passed away this week. God rest her soul…truly. She did a lot for the civil rights movement. BUT WHY OH WHY did someone think it was a smart idea to shut down a lane on the freeway during LA RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC to honor her memory?!?! Seriously, how does that honor her memory by pissing off a lot of people that want to get home? Granted it was a section of freeway named in her honor, but that was just pointless. Who was the stupid government official that actually okayed this???


For some strange reason, one of my credit cards that I have not used in ages dropped my limit from like $4,000 to a dismal $300. Not that I needed to use it, but what the heck? So I requested a limit increase and was denied because of a collection that was on my credit report. Ugh. Long story short, because of stupid selfish people my credit got dinged because the lawyer and doctor from my car accident many moons ago wouldn’t agree to an amount. It’s settled, but still on my credit reports…just noted as paid. Anyone know if it’s possible to have it removed or am I forced to wait the 7 years? It sucks because it was for $10,000! 🙁