Monthly Archives: June 2006

Alive…sort of

Nothing like a threat to get one to post. *ahem Nanette* 😉 I’m still kicking and screaming, work just sucks the life out of me. Staring at a computer all day and talking to very computer illiterate people sometimes makes me want to chuck all the computers out the window! I kid you not when I say that some of these people do not know how to highlight text or copy and paste. Working on a terminal doesn’t help the situation much either!

All it has been lately is work and wedding stuff. Planning is going okay, but I feel like I should probably be more active in getting things figured out. We do have a cake tasting to go to next weekend, but with a starting price of $6/person and with about 200-250 people to feed…I must find a few other places to set appointments with as well. Their flavors sounded so divine though! I did try calling the bakery that my sister’s ceremony site used for hers. They are supposed to be pretty reasonably priced and the cake my sister had was really good. But they do not want to talk to me until August since my wedding is not until March. 🙁 Must find a few more. In all honesty, I don’t NEED to find a bakery. The restaurant will most likely supply a cake, but it is the typical Chinese cake with strawberries. As good as they are, if I can, I would rather have something a little more special.

Next also on my to do list is to find a florist, but I need to figure out just what kind of flowers I want. I will not likely need flowers for the banquet, so that will help on the budget and checkbook. Must also remember to send out a deposit and contract for my hair and make up!

….this would be so much easier if I could spend time on The Knot at work!