Monthly Archives: October 2006

Yes, an update!

Thanks everyone on the compliments on the new hair. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Trying to be somewhat more regular about it. I didn’t donate my hair to Locks of Love this time, but I have in the past. I am ashamed to say that my hair was in pretty bad shape recently! As fun as this new do is, it is time to grow it out again for the wedding. I’ll keep the highlights and will cut it again after the wedding. The layers make it a bit difficult for the type of hair I want for the wedding.

I have been pretty productive on the wedding front since my last post…one should I have been since I have barely 5 months to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Photographer booked! This is my biggest splurge and I blame Nanette and her gorgeous photos because I booked the photographer she used!
  • Cake picked and deposit put down
  • Reception and DJ/MC booked thanks much to my dad!
  • Hair and makeup secured
  • Officiant almost booked…Jason has someone in mind, but he’s been out of town the past couple of weeks.
  • And the big thing….wedding dress is set!!!

I still need one more vendor…florist! UGH! Need to call a few places this week and book some appointments. Hopefully this won’t be a long process. Once that is taken care of, I need to narrow down the bridesmaid dresses and get working on the invitations and favor boxes…both DIY! I also need to contact the ceremony venue again soon to find out when the contract is being written up. These will be some crazy crazy months. My friend Angela is getting married a month before me so we have been going through all the planning together. Anytime she gets something off her to do list, it makes me kick my own butt into gear to get it done as well! LOL

My biggest stress item is behind me for now…my dress. I’ve put down a deposit on the services of someone local to create me my dream dress. We’ll be shopping for fabric and getting measured for it next month!!! I am beyond stoked. I put the deposit down last week, so I’ve been a bit batty and stressed for some time not knowing what I’d wear. In all this time, I didn’t even want to walk into a bridal salon to try on a single dress. I didn’t want to entertain the thought that I might need to settle with something else. I just hope my intuition is right and this style will look good on me. LOL A friend suggested that I go into a store and try something similar to get an idea, but honestly…I’ve yet to see a dress like this except for the one dress I am modeling it after and that was in a tv show! I’ve got a good feeling on this and can’t wait! I’ve got a couple of sketches that I will post hopefully soon. But if anyone is a Joss Whedon or Firefly fan, here is my hint….Inara and Shindig.

Ok…to be continued. Jason is back and needs the computer. I swear the next post won’t be a month away. 😛