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Me…a bride?

I have to be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to marry Jason and spend the rest of my life with him, but damn…wedding planning is stressing and overwhelming!!! I did get a little excited at the florist, but since I still don’t know how the flowers will look like, it was just a teeny bit of excitement.

Today though…ohhhh today!!!! It has made me insanely excited to get married. I met with my dressmaker and corsetiere (who, by the way, is just a sweetheart) and got measured for everything, but most importantly we spent the day in the Fashion District to look for fabric. It was like being a kid in a candy store. We saw so much gorgeous fabric that we tended to get a little sidetracked on our journey. I envisioned so many other corsets that I would love to have made out of the different fabrics we saw! It took about three hours of looking but finally found the perfect fabric. It didn’t even completely sink in until the guy started gathering and folding the fabric up. At that moment I could clearly see my dress in my mind…and it was beautiful. I have no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice to go custom with my dress and not even try a single dress in a store. I’m hiding the fabric from Jason until she needs it. He will be floored on our wedding day…I hope. 🙂 I did show him the color of the lining though, but that is all. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so beyond stressed right now that it is not even funny. I so wish that I was still on vacation. Work has been absolutely nuts and busy. Everyone here is ready to leap over the ledge of the roof. The only saving grace is the OT will help towards the wedding and everyone I work with are so witty and sarcastic that at least we get through the day by laughing.

This week, the wedding stuff was driving me crazy. CRAZY!!!!!!!! As we know, the slacker that I am has yet to book my last vendor…the florist! So before calling around, I tried to get in touch with my coordinator at the ceremony location to find out how many rows of pews there were and also to find out when the contracts would get written up (Yes…no contract yet. UGH). I get an auto reply from my email saying the person was out of the office. It was so ambiguous thought hat I couldn’t tell if she was just out of town or…gone. The auto response told me to contact someone else and the website had another contact displayed for wedding related events. Sent another email out to these two other people. Week goes by….nothing. So I give this new coordinator a call and leave a message. Still nothing. So I call again on Friday and she’s not in until noon. Fine. I call at noon. It goes to voicemail. I try again at 12:50. Sorry, she is out to lunch and will be back in 20 minutes. Does this lady even work? I try again at 1:40 and finally get a hold of her. The previous coordinator is gone…still vague, but I guess not good. So they have been busy. She did get my voicemail and email, just was still researching. Fine and dandy…but some kind of confirmation would have been nice instead of stressing me out since I’ve put down a big ol’ deposit for it but still sitting here without a contract. In the end, she was very nice and as helpful as she wanted to be, couldn’t really answer my question. Wheee.

Having at least heard from someone at the venue, I decided to just go ahead and call the florist. Can’t waste anymore time. So now I’ve got an appointment set for Tuesday! Yay!!! Hopefully I can get to the travel agency too and get some honeymoon options if not book the actual honeymoon.

And tomorrow we are going to get two of my bridesmaids to get fitted and trying on outfits!

The Dress

It took me longer than I thought to write my next post, but I had a good reason! I spent the last weekend in Birmingham with the best hooches a girl could ask for as friends! Great food, drinks, music, friends and some crazy ass times. Photos to come soon, but then again I am not sure if I want to incriminate myself with some of these photos. LOL

But what I can do is post some pics of what my dress will be like! Jason already knows and it won’t exactly loook like these pictures anyways, so it will still be a bit of a surprise. My dress will be styled like the following dress from Firefly:

And in true Sarah style, it’s got to have a corset. So this is the sketch I have so far from the wonderful seamstress and corsetmaker who will be making it:

I go fabric shopping and am getting measured in two weeks!!