Monthly Archives: January 2007

Just like riding a bike

Driving my car, that is. I finally got my car back today after little over a month!!!! I was so happy to get it back and looking brand spankin’ new. It’s been so long though that getting into the seat was so foreign to me. Took me a mile or two before I got comfortable in it again. Yay for going back to filling my tank twice a month! I hope I never get into another rental car anytime soon. I must say though that my second rental through Enterprise was a much nicer experience. I returned my first rental last Friday when my coverage ran out on my policy. The car was too uncomfortable and Enterprise had a weekend rate for a car two classes higher for the same price…so why not. Not to mention my experience with Avis sucked big time. We never had a problem with Avis before, but the location was under new management. I don’t think these people ever ran a business before. I won’t go into all the details, but on the day I returned the car I was greeted with a sign in the window saying that they went to the bank and would be back soon. I stood outside for 30 minutes! In the freezing cold. Two people finally came back. Why it takes two people to go to the bank when one of them could have stayed and kept the office open is beyond me. They couldn’t even print up my final invoice correctly. I had enough and stood outside for an extra 10 minutes after to wait for Enterprise to pick me up. I was so disgusted that I didn’t want to stay in the place one minute longer than I had to. Enterprise totally rocked though. The driver was super friendly and the people at the office were very sympathetic as well as apologetic for me needing to wait while the car got washed. Then they gave me a free upgrade for a future rental when I returned the car because they felt bad for making me wait when I first picked up the car! Now that’s service and I’m a real stickler for service since I work in the customer service industry.

One other fantabulous piece of news is that I finally heard from my ceremony wedding coordinator! The contract is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUGE sigh of relief

So my biggest stress for the wedding right now is the ceremony location. I still don’t have a contract. Yes, less than 3 months to go. And I have to send the invites soon. Heck, I need to MAKE the invites soon. I sent an email to the new coordinator tonight to find out when I should expect something. I still need to iron out details with her too. She was brand spanking new when I first contacted her a couple months ago that she had no answers for me. Hopefully she’ll have some answers for me this time. I know, this still sounds like stress..where’s the sigh of relief? Well, stumbling around the school website (having it at a local college), I found the master calendar for campus events and I see my wedding listed! Hurray!!!!! 🙂 I need to change the time slightly but that’s a big load off my mind.

Other wedding related items…

  • Got my second veil from ebay. Think this will be the one. It’s cathedral length in silk chiffon. LOVE it. Just what I imagined when I saw the brief scene with the veil that Keira Knightly wore in the last Pirates movie. (Yes, I get my wedding ideas from the weirdest places) The first one was a bit too short. Anyone need a veil? 😛
  • Making lots and lots of headway on the favor boxes. Just ask my co-workers that see me work on it every lunch!
  • Finally gonna get around to taking our engagement photos in two weeks
  • Setting up my second hair and make up trial for next month
  • Going jewelry shopping with my mom this weekend for the things she will be gifting to me during the tea ceremony.
  • Also heading out to Paper Source in Old Town Pasadena this weekend to grab a few things and also scope out restaurants for the rehearsal dinner
  • Started to cut the large flat sheets of paper down for the invites
  • My mom’s jacket and skirt arrived from Alfred Angelos and I’ll be picking up my niece’s flower girl dress this weekend! Bridesmaid dresses should be in early February!
  • Jason’s found some potential tux ideas for the fellas

As for the rest of my life…my car is still not done yet. I’ve been in this rental for a month now!!!! My rental coverage ran out today, so I will be footing the rest of the rental bill on my own so I really hope it will be ready soon. At the very least, I’ll be changing cars tomorrow. I cannot stand another day in that Aveo or having to deal with Avis. Switching over to Enterprise and getting an “intermediate” size car for the same price!!

Santa was also really good to me this year. Highlights are my portable speakers for my ipod nano, a home docking station for my Sirius, a book on corsetry, and the bestest present ever from my best bud and maid of honor…this really awesome antique looking perfume bottles set. I’ll have to post a picture when I can get around to it. It reminds me of something that Inara from Firefly would have lying around and I’m trying to think how I can sneak it in the background somewhere on the wedding day. Hehehe.

81 Days….

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday season.

3 months to go. Yikes!!!!! Where does the time go? So much to do, so little time. Good news is we have been very productive!

  • We now have an officiant!
  • Jason picked out his best man and his two groomsmen
  • Started working on the favors…good thing too since I was told I need another 120! Eeek.
  • Deposit down on the florist. I don’t get to see a sample until 3 weeks before the wedding, but so far I am loving my florist. She has been very responsive to all my questions and changes.
  • Picked out the style of jewelry for me and the bridesmaids. My sister, being the crafty one she is, will be making them for me.

We still need to get the tuxes for the guys, order the other part of the favors, book a place for the rehearsal dinner, and get going on the invites. We also need to get our contract for the ceremony location. I am hoping that will be this month according to what they said.

The biggest news is that I went to my first fitting of my dress and corset today and I am SOOO EXCITED!!! She made a mockup of not just the corset but the entire dress. It was all made out of boring fabric, but I can envision the dress in my head. The corset mockup was made out of the actual fabric (we bought plenty) so that the pattern could be matched up and for us to figure out the embroidery. It fit like a dream. It’s going to look absolutely gorgeous. I am glad that I took the risk on my dress!

In other news, my car is still at the body shop. I hope that it will be ready soon. I don’t know how much longer I can stand driving the rental. I’ve gotten used to it, but filling up the tank so often is awful. Yes, my hybrid spoiled me much.