Monthly Archives: July 2007

Glad To Be Alive

Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooo Cowboy Mouth is back in town this week!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but they are taping the show for a new DVD AND it will be a girls night out with Tracy and her sis Christine flying in and Dia. I only wish the other hooches could be there too. A CM show is always good times and a great excuse to scream. I just hope my car can get me there. It hasn’t been happy in the afternoons the past few weeks and has been refusing to start. It’s only 3 years old!!! 🙁 It’s giving me more and more reasons to want to upgrade to the newest one.

Fish Outta Water

I know…I’m still not quite updating as often as I should. I just have no energy by the time work is through with me. But here’s a friendly tip for you….if you wish to see a grown man cry, go watch a movie about Dale Earnhardt. The movie theaters recently played a documentary movie on his life and touted it as a one night event. It was on three screens, but the theater we were in was small. Still a decent sized crowd. Talk about die hard fans! The moment the film went on about the crash that took Dale’s life, I started to hear sniffles. I peered around and saw men wiping tears away from their eyes. I shouldn’t make fun of them though because I was outnumbered in that place. I was the only girl in our group, but doesn’t stop there. Token non-white person, party of one! I married into this! I don’t mind Nascar so much though. The things you do out of love. Boogity boogity boogity.