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It has become apparent just how out of shape my arms are. Last night after all the setting up was done, I only really had about 10-15 minutes to try out the Wii before Star Trek came on. So I put in the Wii Sports that came along with the console. Just enough time to quickly test out the different games. I boxed, golfed, bowled, and swung to my heart’s content. How fun!!!!!!

This morning we went to the gym and did our usual routine and then had a breakfast at Denny’s and returned home. And then I thought to try out the Wii again. Out of all the games, the boxing is my absolute favorite. Great way to get your frustrations out. 😛 So I boxed and boxed for a good 20-30 minutes and worked out a good sweat and was tired! One thing for sure, the Wii is fun times, but not something you can get addicted to and play all day long on. And now, a good ohhh…8 hours later my arms are incredibly sore. Ugh. Yes, day two with the console set up and I’ve already got a Wii injury.

Safety Dance

Got this from a co-worker. Just had to share it here. Totally made my day. 😛

It’s important for employees to be able to spot potential dangers in and around the workplace. Please study these pictures and see if you can spot the dangers yourself…

Baby It's Cold Outside

Nights like this, all you want to do is huddle under the covers.

Our cat has fallen in love with the electric blanket. I brought her to bed last night and normally she runs off at some point. Last night though, the bed was nice and toasty thanks to the electric blanket we put under the sheets and the spoiled brat stayed put. All night long she stayed by the foot of the bed next to my legs. I thought I’d accidentally shove her off the bed when I would shift positions.

Normally she is only on the bed in the morning when she is begging to be fed! This cartoon I found on Pam’s blog describes our cat perfectly. LOL

She also prefers to be IN the bed, than on the bed. This her in the box mattress after she found a hole to crawl into it. *shakes head*


With the recent postcard from my ex, I was prompted to look back on my older blog entries around the time things ended. I had kept them protected because I had ended things and was still very much mad and resentful. I also kept them protected because some of it was about Jason when we started to see each other after that. It was a nice glance into the past. Not my bitter entries, but the ones about my dear hubby. Like the following section:

He said: I need you
I said: Why do you need me? (I ask because one time I thought he was being sweet, but he was being serious and practical LOL)
He said: Because it feels good.

All together now….AWWWW. Love you honey! 🙂

Hello from Boston

While helping my sister move this weekend, my mom brought along with her some mail that came for me. I brought it with me today to go through. Most of it was just junk mail and a bank statement. Then I noticed a postcard from Boston. Huh. I don’t know anyone from Boston. I flip the card over and it’s from my ex. Just saying hi and that he’ll explain why it was coming from Boston. This will be interesting.

I no longer have any ill will towards him and what happened between the both of us. I’m content and happy with my life and with Jason, so I have made peace with it all. Although I can tell you that there is no such thing as forgive and forget. I can forgive, but don’t ask me to forget.

We’ve been down this road before…trying to be friends. But he’ll extend a greeting and disappear for a year. So we shall see what becomes of this postcard….

Sore-did weekend

All this weekend, I spent helping my sister move into her new house. My gosh, my nephew has a TON of stuff! Thankfully the new place wasn’t too far from the apartment complex they were moving out of. Unfortunately they were living on the second floor, so I got one hell of a workout. I’m sore and bruised up!

But the highlight was my adorable dad. He brought along one of his moving vans from work and two people he knew to help out with the furniture that needed moving. My sister lives in a very big apartment complex with all sorts of paths leading to different areas. Well, when it came time to get back to the van to open up the back, my dad got kind of lost. Okay, majorly lost. They took the wrong path and walked practically all over the complex. LOL We came out wondering where the van had gone, thinking that maybe they were told to move it. A few minutes later my dad and his friends walked up laughing and told us how they walked all over the place. I am guessing they got so lost that one person went ahead to get the van and picked the rest of them up back to the right place. Too funny.

Doesn’t stop there though. While moving things into the van, they used every ounce of muscle to haul all those heavy items up into the back of the van. Then when it came time to move things out of the van, they remembered it had a motorized lift in the back. Dur. Much easier. LOL Love my dad. At least he knows how to laugh at himself. Heh. 🙂


Dang dang dang. All I can do is shake my head, though there is so much more that I would rather do. Cryptic, I know. Only 2 people reading my blog might know what this figure is all about. Who wants to take a guess or make up a story behind this amount?