Monthly Archives: December 2007

Slowest day EVA!

I’m at work right now on Christmas Eve just itching for the clock to hit 4 already! Most people either requested the day off or had chosen to leave early when it was apparent that today was a very VERY light day. There’s just a few of us stragglers left….less than 10, I think. As much as I wished that I could have left early, I need to keep my vacation hours for my trip in February to China. There’s no shortage of work in my department, so I was able to keep relatively busy, but things just felt like they were dragging when it is so quiet in the office!

Ahhhhhhhhh…just 10 more minutes and I can drive home and make a cup of hot chocolate and stick one of these amazing peppermint marshmallows in the cup. I never realized just how easy marshmallows were to make. I thought they would be difficult since everyone charges an arm and a leg for these “gourmet” versions. Soooo easy! I recommend anyone with a sweet tooth to try it at home. You will never look at store bought marshmallows the same again.

Old Habits Are Hard to Break

I know, I know…NaBloPoMo was supposed to kick me back into posting mode and here it is more than halfway through December and it’s my first post of the month. And it might have been longer if I didn’t get a gentle nudge from Marie. 😛

This post goes out to Angela because she is all about The Grocery Game, which helps you save as much money as you can at the stores. I think that it’s a great concept. I’ve seen people in the store before ring up a full cart and have to pay practically pennies and sometimes even getting money back! Me though, I don’t buy enough coupon worthy items to take full advantage of it. I still however keep an eye sales and coupons I do use. And this past weekend was a big score. Albertsons had some really big sales going on. A coupon for 12 packs of soda at 4 for $10 which we took advantage of. The best deal was on the cereal and oatmeal however. It was 10 for $25 and if you actually bought 10 items, you get an instant $10 savings, which brings it down to 10 for $15! Doesn’t stop there though because right next to the oatmeal was a coupon dispenser for $1 off on the oatmeal. It was Quaker’s Simple Harvest oatmeal/hot cereal which is normally $4 a box. So with the sale and coupon, they were just 50 cents each! With everything else we bought, the tab ended up to be about $67, but we saved $97!

My savings are usually not that major though. I hardly buy things that are in the aisles or frozen section. The majority of my cart is mainly produce and meat, so coupons do me no good with that. My best advice for those items is to not go to a major grocery chain! I always always buy my produce and meat at the Chinese or Mexican grocery store. If not there, I will go to a farmers market type store like Henry’s or Trader Joe’s. TJ’s sometimes isn’t really a big money saver, but at least the quality is a great deal better.

It’s not so hard to save and find the good deals. You just have to keep your eyes peeled. I hardly ever ever buy anything for retail price. I hope I made ya proud Angela! 😛