Monthly Archives: February 2008


We are finally back from China. We got back on Tuesday night but it’s still rough trying to overcome the jet lag and time shift. We slept most of Wednesday and most of the weekend and I’m still not back to normal. This week is going to be ROUGH! I hope to finally get around to posting about our trip and the photos we took this week. Jason has been blogging quite a bit of it already on his blog on myspace.

Before leaving for China, I had this crazy idea to go see Wicked while it was at The Pantages. Ticketmaster had a promo going on for half off orchestra seats for weeknight shows during February. The crazy part was that I thought catching it the Friday we came back would be a splendid idea. Friday at work was rough, I could barely keep my eyes open, but when it came time to drive out to the show, I was starting to wake up a bit again. So I hightailed it from work in the OC to get back to Riverside to pick up hubby dearest and then out to the SG Valley to pick up my best pal and then out in LA traffic hoping the partial street closure for the Oscars wouldn’t make us late. We parked and arrived with little over an hour to spare. 🙂

The musical? Absolutely fantastic!!!! I had hoped to have read the book before going…I even brought it with me on my trip with the best of intentions but never got to it. No matter. It was a very well done show. We sat in the very very last row of the orchestra level, but being the Pantages, it was still a great seat. Megan Hilty was wonderful as Glinda. Glinda reminds me a bit of Karen from Will and Grace. 😛 Elphaba that night was played by understudy Teal Wicks and she was sooo good! Very powerful voice. Kristoffer Cusick as Fiyero was very good too. I did very well to resist most of the merch out in the lobby, but I did pick up Cusick’s debut CD.

Now I must get through the book, but first I must get through this jet lag!

5 days

China is getting close close close. I was supposed to pack today but got caught up with watching Super Bowl commercials (is it me or were most of them disappointing this year?) and eating yummy hot wings and other things, that I completely lost track of time. I will have to pack a little bit each day if I’m gonna be ready for our 10 day trip!

Wouldn’t you know it, that the worst winter storm in decades has hit southern China this past week. Millions of workers stranded as they were trying to get home for Lunar New Year. The different news reports we read spoke of Guangzhou which is where we fly into. Worried naturally. The many that are stranded are at train stations, but quite a lot at airports too. We won’t be taking the trains, but there is a flight or two that we will need to take locally while over there. My mom doesn’t seem too worried about it. Said that my dad has a friend that lives out there and that things are fine. If no one hears from me in a few weeks, someone please come to China and look for me!! 😛

How about the game today? Neither me and Jason are football fans but we each decided to pick a team to root for. Not knowing a thing, I said I’ll pick the Giants. Then he told me that the Patriots were undefeated the whole season. Not anymore!!! How sad was that? To go undefeated all season only to be beaten at THE game of the year. I should have made a bet. Would have won big. Hehehe.