Monthly Archives: May 2008


I never got around to my posting, but I at least did get Jason semi moved into his new humble abode online. So please go over to and tell him hi. 🙂 It’s a bit bare right now until we can get some color swatches, knick knacks, and get it all decorated but it will look lived in soon enough. Also made some headway in moving my sister-in-law, Marie into her new hip place. She was starting to trip over all her things at blogger, so I’m helping her move across town over to wordpress. She ought to be settled in by the end of the week.

But the bestest news of all today? My laptop is here and I get to pick it up in an hour! *squeals* I love new toys. 🙂

Fresh start?

I am hoping to make use of this three day weekend and finally get off my butt and post the pics I’ve meant to since umm…February? Perhaps give this place a new look while I’m at it since I need to update my version of WordPress. And if time permits, get around to setting up wordpress for a couple of other people. May very well be the last thing I will do online on this old laptop of mine. Kind of funny to think that something that is just 3 years old is ancient. But it’s been showing a lot of wear and tear…mostly tear. So this past week I sucked it up and bought myself a new laptop. A bit sad because this means my dreams of a dslr will have to wait even longer, but a dslr isn’t very useful if I don’t have a laptop to view and work the images on. After forking over a grand, I still don’t have my laptop in my pretty hands yet. It was practically sold out almost everywhere and so I wait for mine to be truck transferred from Victorville. Should arrive by Tuesday! *fingers crossed*

Jason is gone at the moment. Been gone since Friday for a camping trip with his hiking class. And although I know I’ve spent many nights before we got married alone at night, it was just a bit lonesome without him. It’s not even like we’re all cuddly at night. Most nights we are tired from work and fall asleep on our separate sides of the bed. But I guess it’s the fact that I can wake up and know he’s next to me. He comes home tonight though after being beat up by nature….so off to do a quick grocery run and some cleaning before I pick him up!