Nectar From the Gods

Schlepped over to San Antonio Winery this past weekend and left with 4 bottles of wine. Damage was $55. Not too bad. Three bottles of Corte Dei Balbi Soprani Moscato d’Asti. Always yummy. What did me in was the bottle of Biegler Muller Riesling Eiswein…$30!! 😮 Tried it on a whim (I know…pricey whim) because it was recommended by the winery. Bottle was good for two glasses. Worth it? Absolutely. Intense bouquet and so sweet. Would go so well with some chocolatey type dessert. Oooh. Made from overly ripe, frozen grapes…the result is some pretty concentrated stuff! Oh to be able to afford such an indulgence like ice wine more often. (I sound like an alkie, don’t I? I swear I’m not.)

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