'Jimmy Kimmel

Picked up my best bud from work yesterday and we drove over to Hollywood and Highland to catch a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live at the El Capitan. We got there around 4:30 and there was already a line. Craziness. IDs weren’t checked until 6:45 and they didn’t let people in until 7:10. So we wandered around Hollywood and Highland for awhile. Grabbed something to eat at Hamburger Hamlet next door where our server proceeded to flirt with her (Hehe..love ya babe!). He was awfully nice to her. She wanted Dr Pepper or Pepsi, but they were a Coca-Cola joint. He came back with a bottle of Pepsi for her and didn’t charge her. 😉 I want a free drink too…what am I? Chopped liver?

We didn’t get in line until about 6 and wound up being 115 and 116. Found out later that the audience only holds about 200 and over a thousand people had requested tickets? Why so many? Clay was on that night. Yes..that’s why I was there. Don’t roll your eyes at me. And Clay did a fabulous job with his digs at Jimmy. Even one comment left DL Hughley shocked. Britney was on too. I swear she must have really did OD on something. She was acting crazy last night. She was a ball of jitters…her legs/feet would NOT stop twitching. Even when they were off camera and the house lights were down. And those high kicks she did when she was ON camera. WTF? Odd.

Interesting to say the least. Don’t think I’ll ever do that again…unless it’s Harry we are talking about. 😉

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