I’ve been sadly neglecting this site. :( Hopefully I’ll be in the mood to post something substantial soon. I’ve started so many, but have yet to finish them. rnrnJust one little rant for the day. I’ve been perusing wedding sites and such and registered at theknot.com so that I could read the message boards and post if I felt like it. And despite leaving the checkbox unmarked about receiving information from third person parties, I am now slowly being inundated with junk mail in my mail box. I don’t mean spam…I mean HARDCOPY junk mail. Postcards saying “Congrats!” from photographers, reception sites, DJs. Make it stop!!!! :shock: Though yes, I love Jason dearly and plan on marrying that man…nothing of an official nature has been announced to anyone in my family. No ring on this hand…just merely getting a head start on info gathering. Luckily I’ve been able to get to the mail before my mother does!

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