Hmm..not sure where my last entry disappeared to. If you read it, good. If you missed it…oh well. LOL

What I wanna know is how the hell did I get onto Playboy’s mail order catalog list? :-o Good thing I brought the mail in today. Half naked lady staring at me on the cover. I guess good ol’ Hef thought I needed a dose of lingerie, adult movies, and toys? I find it highly amusing that all the nipples have been airbrushed off the women modeling the sheer clothing yet they have no qualms about showing a freshly shaven mound so long as the leg crosses over enough to hide the lowermost part! And the closest thing to a naked man in the catalog is a guy wearing boxers and a robe that is for the most part covering all of him except for maybe a 3 inch wide area of his chest. And this man has two naked women clinging onto him with said freshly shaven mounds. Not to mention all the boobs look fake. They did put black censor bars on the nipples from the adult movie covers though. LOL Yeah…thanks Hef. :-P

(And I can only imagine the number of pervs this entry will attract through a Google search for Playboy, shaven mound, nipples, boobs, naked…..sorry to disappoint ya! Should I type “f*ck” for good measure? LOL)

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