Happy New Year!

It is the Lunar New Year today! Last night my sister, brother, and his wife came over to the folks and we had ourselves a yummy feast. Lobster, crab, noodles, sharkfin soup, veggies, egg rolls, and fried shrimp. Mmm. And there is also the daikon cake that we didn’t even touch. I keep having to stop myself from picking at the leftovers today so that I can bring back what is left for Jason. 😛

Speaking of whom, it was very nice of my mother to be asking about him. She asked if he was working yesterday and that if he had lived closer she would have invited him to the dinner as well. That was very sweet of her and caught me off guard. It’s not typical of her to invite the SO unless you’re already married. I think she is warming up to Jason though. Christmas must have played a big part in that. 🙂 One, she loved loved the juicer we got her and was pleasantly surprised that he helped with it. I think it was her favorite present. 😉 And two, I think she likes that he loves her cooking. We had Vietnamese bun nuoc leo which can be a bit offputting for people because of the smell from the fermented fish. None of the in-laws would touch it. Granted two of them are not Asian, but one is Chinese! Jason dove right in though and loved it. Shocked my mom, I think. Hehe.

The new year festivities have slowly died down from past years, mainly because no one is home anymore. I remember how we used to all go visit relatives as a family and would have fun chit chatting with the cousins. And how our relatives would come over to our house as well. We’re all grown up now and all that happens anymore is my folks taking the car to visit people alone. Me, today I am sitting here at home alone tinkering on the computer trying to find some way of resolving the issues on Jason’s laptop. (Anyone know why it would shut down on standby and reboots on resume instead of suspending like it should?) Fun stuff…wheee!

Wishing everyone a happy new year! 🙂

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