Rings and things

Yesterday we spent the day driving all over the place, spending most of the time in the City of Industry area. First stop was Fry’s to drool look at things we cannot yet buy. I browsed the graphic tablets while he looked at motherboards and laptops. While walking around the store one thing did surprise me. In the magazine racks, there was one area devoted to adult mags….Playboy, Penthouse, College Girls, etc! :-O Granted, they were all in plastic bags and all the sketchy areas were covered with messages and such, but they were still out in the open for anyone to grab. You’ve got to wonder how many they sell…must be quite a bit considering the assortment. A geek’s gotta do what a geek’s gotta do? They also had a large supply of the Playboy computer game. Oy. No Playgirl magazines though. I guess the girl geeks are left to their own devices. 😛

The other main stop was to a jewelry store across the ways from the Puente Hills mall. Jason’s insurance agent’s wife works there and she was going to help us look at some things. (Once again, drooling at things we cannot just yet buy!) It was a strike of coincidence that they were located in the same strip mall that I go to a lot. I joked in the car how funny it would be if the store was there, but not seriously thinking it would be. Sure enough, it was just a few stores down from the Michaels I go to from time to time. Who would have guessed? Took a look at the rings she had as well as the loose diamonds she had that she could put into a Tiffany setting. Trying the rings on was a nice daydreaming moment. LOL Now Jason has the fun job on deciding on what we saw there and elsewhere and when. I keep telling him that I will love whatever he decides on. I’m a simple kind of girl. Just nothing out of a Cracker Jack box please. 😉 The bad thing about trying on rings is knowing but not knowing when. Hopefully I will not drive him and myself up the wall. Heh. I didn’t leave empty handed however. I bought myself a pair of gold stud earrings. I lost one of mine awhile back ago and the fashion earrings in the mall don’t do too well on me if I wear it long term. The hole in my right ear was starting to close again and I wasn’t about to go and get it pierced for the THIRD time!

Last stop in the area was Friscos, a 50s style diner. Had ourselves a yummy lunch while we waited for an accident on the freeway to clear. Jason got to drool look at the pretty waitresses rollerskating about in super short fluffy skirts. (Allowed to look but definitely not buy or touch!) They need some male waiters up in that place. Rollerskating around in some tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt. The women need something to look at too. 😛 I think I was one of TWO women eating there. Everyone else eating there were men! I was expecting that though, that was how it was all the other times I’ve gone. Once again…tight jeans. Tight white t-shirts. Throw us a bone!

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