Biker chick

It only took me 25 years, but I finally learned how to ride a bicycle this past month! For two days I had little training wheels on my bike. Can you imagine and visualize me riding around the neighborhood with training wheels on? How embarrassing! Not that I was able to circle the block when they were ON. I could barely move two-three feet if I was lucky. Learning as an adult is NOT fun. Kids are so much more fearless.

Now I’ve been riding every morning. Just a half hour in the morning and maybe again later that day. The kids in the neighborhood probably still bike better than I do, but at least I’ve yet to crash! Buildings and small sidewalks don’t favor me, evident by my inability to go further than a few feet before my bike veers into a wall when we were trying to head down to the beach from our hotel room last weekend. Once we were at the beach though it was smooth sailing. I amazed myself and did 6 miles! I could have gone further even except that we had to get back to the hotel to check out and head out to see Stomp! (Which I just LOVED)

Next on my to do list is learning how to swim. I know, I know….what a depraved childhood.

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