Weighty Issue

Plain and simple, I gotta lose some weight. The past few years haven’t been too kind to me. Being at home with the folks doesn’t do wonders for my body, but enough excuses. I know I can lose the weight if I focus. I lost 15 lbs instead of gaining it the first year in college and a few years ago I lost 20 lbs. Unfortunately 15 lbs came back when I went home after college was done with. Ideally, I’d like to see 50-60 lbs go away, but for now I’ll settle for the 15 that should have never came back plus 10 more.

That said, I’ve thrown myself into The Great Blogger Fat Off! that Erin started up. It’s not a contest. There is no prize. Just 68 people determined to get the fat off! I pledged to drop 25 lbs by June 21st. Hopefully, this will give me a little extra motivation. I’ve got a bike that I can ride, an exercise ball with 2 dvds, 3 pilates DVDs, 3 Walking Away the Pounds DVDs, workout room at Jason’s, AND a gym membership. Think I’ve got enough to keep me from being bored? Let’s hope so. 😛 So that’s roughly 3 months to drop 25 lbs, 8 lbs per month, 2 lbs a week. Sounds reasonable enough.

I need to get back to this place and challenge myself….

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