Hitting the streets

Last night I ventured out on the big bad streets with my bicycle for the first time. The past few weeks I’ve only been riding around the enclosed community where speed bumps deter cars from speeding by. Few and slow cars is a good thing. However yesterday Jason got himself a new bike and wanted to ride over to Kmart to look for a few things. Lucky me got to ride in the front because I had front lights. What an experience that was! I was all ready for a car to speed by right when I veer too far out into the street. (I still need practice going perfectly straight. :-P) And I veered quite a bit. Heh. I survived but I don’t think I’ll be taking the bike to places a lot just yet. Tomorrow we might go on a bike trail…watch out bugs and other little creatures. I may see you but I can’t guarantee I can avoid you!!

I’m now several days into the Great Blogger Fat Off and I am doing okay. Not great, but not bad either. Susan and myself decided to email each other daily to give each other an extra push and make sure we’re accountable for everything. I think this will help out a lot. It’s nice having someone cheer you on and it’s always motivating to know you’re not in it alone….strength in numbers, you know? Plus, I’d feel very bad if all I had to report to her was that I ate junk food all day and didn’t do a lick of exercise. 😛 With that…I guess I should exercise now. 😉

And on an unrelated note, I just found out Stomp will be back again next year! And they will be at one of my favorite venues. It will be close by Jason’s parents so it would be nice if we could take them next year. They are already taking subscription orders and I’m mighty tempted to charge it. $260 is a bit to cough up out of the blue….

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