Not a horse

Went on the bike trail today and did one hour and six miles! The inclines were murder, but overall I think I did okay. I only had to stop a few times. 🙂 Next week we will go a little further.

At some point we came across a horse trail and thought to check it out. The trail had trees and bushes along both sides and boy did my bike have an attraction to them! The dirt road was super bumpy and I kept finding myself headed towards the bushes. Came pretty close to crashing one time! Needless to say, I’m not ready for that. Where did I put those training wheels? 😛

Oh and yes, little bugs and creatures are stupid. A small bird flew straight into Jason’s helmet with a clunk. And myself, I had a butterfly head for my neck. Good thing my mouth was closed!!! I did very well in avoiding squirrels and all the stinkbugs on the ground though. 😉

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