Happiness Comes With a Big Price Tag

The other day Jason and I were discussing Disneyland and how long it’s been since we’ve gone. So I got to thinking…when would it be possible for us to visit the Happiest Place on Earth? Lo and behold, what do I get in the mail? A flyer telling me to “come home again.” I used to be an annual passholder some time ago. Gave me something to do when I was bored of schoolwork. 😉 But when I didn’t have anyone anymore to go with me (going alone is nice, but not ALL the time) I just let my pass lapse a couple years ago. Back then the premium pass (no blackout dates) was just $200. I know…JUST $200? Believe me that’s a steal…if you go at least 4 times then you’ve gotten your money’s worth. And I went a lot! Now this flyer has the latest AP prices and OH MY GOD! $329 for the premium!!! *winces* It went up $129 in TWO years! What the hell!? I suppose it is still a bargain, but OUCH! Admission to one park for one day is $53. Both parks in one day for $73! Apparently money may not buy you love, but it certainly will buy you some happiness. I am already grimacing at what prices will be like when I find myself married and with little munchkins that want to go visit the mouse house. Eeeek!

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