Crash and Burn

Today I thought to take my bike out to Whittier Narrows Park and check it out. I’ve never been eventhough it’s only 10 miles away or so, but I read how it had a bike path circling the big lake. What a huge park and so pretty with all the birds waddling around. Saw lots of geese and even a few adorable goslings! Some cute chipmunks too. I only wished I had my camera with me.

The whole bike path was supposedly around 2 miles, but it’s hard to tell since it loops around in a few places. I think I must have gone at least 10 miles. I was there for little under 2 hours. I would have gone longer except I had a bit of an incident with a wooden bridge. Whacked my head real good. Smart Sarah. I now have a big bump right next to my eye at the top of my cheek. It hurts but I’m okay. I think my ego is bruised more than my face. 😛 It is looking hideous though. So bad that my camera phone will not correctly save it! It saved every other shot I tried to take, but when I tried taking a pic of this nasty bruise it would turn into a blur when I try to look at it after saving. Shows up normal in the browse window, but all a blur when viewing. Oh well. I couldn’t figure out how to send it to my email account anyhow. I called Jason after the crash and he said that I will still be pretty to him. Aww. 🙂 He might change his mind after I tell him about my camera acting wacko at the sight of my face. LOL Now I need to cover it up with makeup so my folks won’t wonder what the hell I did.

On top of that I broke my sunglasses! Which isn’t too bad because Jason got it free at a convention he went to. But then I realized my earrings were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure how I lost them…I only got myself whacked on one side of the head, so it would be understandable if I lost one earring but I lost both! Maybe I lost them somewhere else, but didn’t notice until now. I know I still had them on Saturday because they were in my way when I was fixing my hair. They were the earrings I bought a couple months ago when we went ring shopping. I think my missing earrings are more depressing to me than the crash. 🙁 They weren’t super expensive, but still more and better than the cheapo stuff in the mall. *sigh*

Ohh and am I still going to go back to the park? You betcha. Bright and early tomorrow! I’m either fearless or stupid. Maybe both. 😛

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