In Hot Pursuit

It’s spreading to my eye now!!!! 🙁 I think it had to do with me rubbing my eye this afternoon. (Jason will kill me for doing that, but I don’t have any evil eye drops) I guess the blood had to go somewhere. Doh! Looks like I’ve been in a fight…yeah, with an inanimate object! I feel a bump on my right jaw too, but at least that hasn’t turned purple on me yet! Donna suggested moist heat, so I’m going to put a warm wet towel on my face tonight. Looks like more makeup for me. Ugh.

I never got around to my bike ride today. Maybe for the best considering the way I am looking! Instead I was stuck momentarily in a crazy ass car chase!!!

Caped Driver Leads Police On Wild Ride

I got caught somewhere in the beginning of the pursuit. My heart literally skipped a beat before I even realized what the hell was going on. I was driving in the opposite direction and he was heading towards me with like 5-6 police cars following him going a whopping 5-10 mph. He was wearing a shiny purple robe and had his head out making hand gestures to everyone he passed by. Looked like a real nut trying to be all bad ass. Cars in front of me weren’t moving even if it already passed them. Come on people!!!!! Move your ass! I don’t want to get shot!!!!! The news showed him driving on the street with half his body out of the car at one point! Oy. And am I crazy that as an afterthought I wished I had grabbed my camera phone to take a picture of him? LOL Turns out he’s not quite all there mentally and ransacked his parents’ place before getting chased.

Later I found out that there was another car chase that had ended right before that one started. It ended just BLOCKS from where I was at!!! How crazy is that?? Needless to say, I didn’t really want to be outside anywhere for the rest of the day. *chuckles*

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