What's in your wallet?

Well it’s not my Capital One card, that’s for sure! They are taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My credit card expired last month and my new one never showed up. So I called to report it lost and to request a new card. They tell me 4 days for them to get the card out and 10 more days for it to go through the postal service. Well it’s been almost 4 weeks now and no card! I called today and they didn’t issue me a new card until the 15th of last month. The customer rep said it should have arrived last week. Still nothing in the mail. I’m giving them a little longer and hope it shows up. It would be a pain in the ass to report it lost for a second time. UGH! Meanwhile, they took away my online access to my account which is how I always made my payments. It’s been so long since I’ve written a check, I don’t know where my checkbook is.

Anywho, face is getting better. Still bruisy and the scabs are making me look like I’ve burned myself too. Can’t sleep on that side of my face yet. It’s not stopping me from biking though. I did 10 miles yesterday and I will ride again on Sunday!

Stumbled upon a local farmers market today just as I was wondering this morning if there were any around here. What are the chances? Got 3 baskets of red sweet strawberries, (YUM!) 5 lb bag of grapefruit, chili spiced dried mango, wasabi green peas, and crystalized ginger. I think I’ll be frequenting that farmers market on an occassional basis now that I know it’s there. Everything is fresh and the quality is so much better than the stores. The strawberries are just gorgeous! I bought some at Vons the other week and they were pretty mediocre considering Vons is good about quality. There were containers with shriveled berries and some with mold. Gross. But these today at the market….so red, big, and sweet!

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