My face is almost pretty much back to normal. Hooray! But now I have something else that I am dealing with. Numb fingers! It seems I must have the grip of death when it comes to holding on to my handlebars and now my ring and pinky fingers on my right hand are a bit numb and tingling. It’s been two days now. 😮 Supposed to be because of either my grip or the bend of my elbow. Maybe it’s both because my elbow is a bit sore. I think I need to take a break from biking, but I would hate to do that. I’m going to see if making my handlebars higher will help. It’s supposed to be a comon probem with cycling, so I am hoping desperately that this will go away. I don’t want to go to the doctor!!!! My mother just had surgery on her hands for carpal tunnel and I so don’t want to wind up having to do that.

Still no credit card. Ugh. I did get my statement though…how kind of them. 😛 Think I’ll just call tomorrow, transfer my balance from my other card (really good % rate, but been holding off on because I wanted my new card in my hands first…guess I have no choice!), and then report this new one lost.

Jason’s birthday is in two weeks and I have no idea what to do for him! He said his birthday last year was his best one ever. How am I supposed to top myself?? I have zero ideas. At least none that would work. I was hoping to take him to see Jay London perform somewhere, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to pan out. All he wants for his birthday is a bamboo backscratcher. I am not going to buy him a several dollar backscratcher and leave it at that. LOL I did buy one item today (can’t say what since he reads from time to time. Hi. 😉 ) that I think he will like, but I still think I need to do something else. I need to come up with a fabulous dinner to cook for him.

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