What the hell is going on today?? All day non-stop I’ve been getting spammed up the wazoo in my comments and trackbacks. I think at least 100 each so far. UGH! Time to update my stuff. If things look weird or disappear in the next day or two, it’s most likely because I probably oh so stupidly wrote over my layout with the default layout…which I tend to do eventhough I repeatedly remind myself not to!

In other news…

  • No credit card STILL. Had to give up and report it lost. Let’s hope third time’s the charm?
  • Jay London wound up playing in Hollywood LAST night. Poor sweetie was bummed, I shouldn’t have told him!
  • At least we’ve got Cowboy Mouth in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I *heart* farmers markets. Bought squaw bread, strawberry banana bread, pita chips, garlic hummus, and more chili spiced dried mango. Mmmm. No need to remind me that I am trying to lose weight!

…I know, exciting life I lead eh? 😉 Heh. Time to make dinner!

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