Credit card: Part ???

Soooooooooo the credit card saga continues. Still no card. I was going to give them til the end of this week, but called today just simply to inquire on the status of the card. Rep said I should have received it by now. She’s perplexed as I am. Now they are going to UPS it to me. Should be here Saturday come hell or high water. I can only hope. 🙁 AND my balance transfer was denied in all of that because of no credit…I guess my limit disappeared in the midst of reporting it lost. UGH. Trying it all again hoping to still get the same 3% rate deal. I would have given up but the rep is tryng her best to sort it out for me. If this fails, I give up and closing the damn account.

Finished the phone call. She was the MOST helpful person I have EVER talked to during all of this. I will have to thank my lucky stars if everything goes right now. I wish I had talked to her the first time! New credit card will be issued TOMORROW (as opposed to the 4 day spiel they gave me before) and it will take 4 days by UPS…so sometime this week. She also got them to approve a refund of $5 that they would normally charge for the UPS delivery. AND she got the supervisor to approve the promotional transfer rate (it expired last month) and it is on delay until I get my new card so I won’t go through the whole being denied thing. And gave me a reference number for that so they can’t say “We never approved you for this rate. It expired.” Now THAT’s frigging customer service. I would have hugged and kissed her if she was standing in front of me! Now if the credit card will just show up. I swear…it’s like it’s playing hide and seek with me in the mail system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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