Credit card: EPILOGUE!

Hallelujah! Guess what finally showed up today!?!?! 😀 Deep down inside I wanted to hug and kiss that UPS man, but I controlled myself. LOL I’ve been antsy all week since I called on Monday. Then I saw the UPS truck drive by, but it pulled over a few lots down. I was so sad until I saw him walk back up this way! You have no idea what a relief it is to finally have my card. I’ve been in credit card hell over this for TWO MONTHS now!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to report it lost THREE times!

A couple of hours before it showed up, I called asking if I could get a UPS tracking number on it so I can get a better idea of when it might show up. I got a not so bright person that gave me a 5 digit number. Tracking numbers are at least twice that long, but I was tired of being on hold and just said thanks and hung up. I wish I had a direct line to the lady that helped me on Monday. 😛

They were also nice and upped my limit by $1,000 since my last missing card report. Ha! Must have felt bad for all my troubles. Or greedy and want my money. LOL I’m thinking more guilt than greed (not that it is void of that either) since this is my one card that has taken forever to raise the credit limit. Not that I’ll use it. Will try not to anyways. Heh. I’m glad everything is okay now.

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