Missing Mail

I’m beginning to wonder now if my missing credit cards are due to the postal worker that delivers the mail. Now normally I have my mail sent to, where else, home. The only thing that I have mailed to Jason’s is one credit card and the occasional mail from the hooches if I know I wasn’t going to be home in the few days following them wanting to send me something. My credit card gets sent to his place simply because my parents are nosy and have an affinity for opening anything of mine that looks like a statement or bill of any kind. Umm, thanks for the privacy. I won’t go there…that’s another story in itself.

So today, the mail arrives and in it was a package Stacey sent to me. The postal worker (who delivers the mail over half of the time) actually knocked for once and asked if the name on the mail was accepted or not. The address was correct, space number and all…so what an odd thing to ask? I told her yes and that the name on the package was mine. Now I wonder if she has in the past chose to not deliver my credit cards because it was not Jason’s name?? But why would she do that? The address is correct, who cares who’s name is on it?? I can see if the space number wasn’t on it and they had to ask the community manager, but that’s not the case. I’ve never come across a postal worker not delivering a piece of mail because they don’t recognize the name especially considering just how many people they deliver mail to. Isn’t it the responsibility of the sender to get the address right? My parents get all sorts of random junk mail addressed to who knows what. As did I when I was living in an apartment. Just odd. I wonder if my credit card statements will show up? The last one did, but maybe someone else delivered it. Not that I have looked at an actual paper statement in years because I take care of it online….I just don’t want it floating around in the postal service somewhere. I guess I need to reinstate the “no paper statement” deal with the new card number.

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