Take Me to Your Leader Because You Don't Know Squat!

Don’t you just hate people that think they are know it alls? I cannot stand them! Worse yet is when they talk to you as if you are stupid and they need to dumb down their uber geekness so that you could on the off chance understand them. There’s a radio show that I will download off the internet. For the past few days, the downloads have been hit or miss. The download servers continually want to refresh to an older version of the directories and the files disappear in the middle of my downloads. Off to the message board I go to see if anyone is having the same problems. Someone is having the exact same problems as I am. Someone else replies saying the links works for him. Gee whiz, good for you, but that doesn’t help him or myself. Begin the dumbing down. Up goes illustrated instructions on how to right click on the link and save the file. It begins with asking if the person knows how to right click or not and ends with a quote by Kelly from Married With Children. I’d take that as a slap in the face if I were the guy. So I post a little something saying I’m having the same problems. People point me to the feed’s URL and tell me to go there. Umm, that’s not what my problem is! But…but…it’s the same files. Trust us. Do I have stupid f*ckwit tattooed on my head? It’s not the same files. I don’t want some ginormous download and I said that in my posts. I know what I’m doing. The problem isn’t on my end, so please don’t make it sound like it’s not working because I’m not doing it right. Do people not take time to read what people write?? I’m sick, cranky, and it’s hotter than hell right now. I’m not about to let some uber geek dressed up in a Stark Trek uniform make me feel a dumbass! Granted I can be quite a geek myself and love Star Trek, but you can’t expect me to take you seriously when you’re making me feel stupid and you’ve got a picture of yourself like that? Thankfully, the downloads seem to be working okay for now….otherwise, I’m sure the next person to tell me to go to the feed will get a beat down from me.

In other news, the guy on the flyer is actually just across the street!!! Right next door to a place where all the kids would play outside at in the evenings. I think the picture looks a lot like this elderly man that would walk his dog several times a day. Oddly, have not seem him around in the past week or so. Coincidence? Granted, he is in his 70’s now and has one bad leg, however he was always talking to the kids!

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