Capital One: The Neverending Saga

Thought I was done with my credit card woes? So did I! Well the problems continue. A few weeks after having finally received my card in the mail, I noticed that my balance transfer had not gone through. I called and they said that it hasn’t been processed yet and asked if I wanted it to go through at a 13.9% rate! Say again? I was approved for 2.9%. Supervisor please. She tells me the current rate is 13.9 and that the offer I had was not guaranteed even though it was supposedly approved by a supervisor. Said she’ll look into it and call me back. Days go by…no call. So I call and no one can help me. They tell me someone will call me back. I forget about it for awhile. Just today I was thinking about what was going on with the transfer. I got a offer for 4.9% that was expiring soon. It’s not 2.9, but beats the regular rates. I was ready to give them a piece of my mind when lo and behold I got a call. Sadly, it was to tell me that the request got denied! However, she was going through some more hoops to try to get it approved since I went through all the proper channels and all that. I should get another call by Friday at the latest….let’s hope that will be the end of that!

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