Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I think my saga with Capital One is finally over…I hope? I did receive a call back from the supervisor that I had been dealing with and I was approved for the 2.9%. Hurrah. So I wait about two weeks since it’s supposed to take 7-10 business days to go through. I called a few days ago and the rep I got said I was denied. WTF, right? After some more researching, he said that the rate was approved and would be reflected and adjusted on my next statement. I told him that was just fine and dandy, but that I still haven’t seen the transfer posted to my Capital One account or to the other credit card I was paying off. He then told me the payment went through April 15. :-o I told him no and that they told me that was denied because of the credit card issues I was having. He then tells me that it will have to go through an investigation to find out what happened and it would take 10-30 days!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately for me, I went online a few dats later to check my Capital One account and the transfer is finally listed. :-) Then it took two more weeks before it showed up on the other account I was trying to pay off. All in all, I can’t say that they (well most of them) didn’t try their best to help me out. What I can say though is that their system is highly unorganized and I am sure this would have been less problematic if the information was more easily accesible and understandable to their customer service representatives.

And funny enough, after all this mess…here I am now working in the customer service arena. Go figure!!! Ha!

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