I know I still need to write about Sunday…working on it. Just a quick post about Valentine’s. All I’ve got to say is Jason scared the CRAP OUT OF ME! I came back from work to be greeted with a heart attack as I opened the door and heard loud monster noises. LOL He bought me this animated stuffed animal that plays the Mahna Mahna song from the Muppets and more recently from a Dr Pepper commercial. The hacker geek that he is, bless his heart, he rigged it to start playing when I opened the door and tugged on a string that he set up to make it auto play. I lost a good five years on my life, but I loved it. I fell in love with that darn monster when we saw in Kmart a few weeks ago. They had a whole display case of them and we had gotten about 5-6 of them to play all at once. I just about was so cute. Now I have my very own to play with all the time!

On an entirely different note, Valentine’s Day seems to bring out people’s curiosity with corsets. A couple of days prior I was browsing around at Frederick’s and there was a crowd surrounding the corsets and everyone waiting for a fitting room had several corsets in hand. Of course, everyone coming out of the fitting rooms had a look of dismay as they handed the corsets to the people that worked there. I couldn’t help but laugh. Especially since they all were still completely laced shut as though the person gave up after attempting at closing one hook. Honestly…those corsets you can buy at Frederick’s or Vicky’s are the most uncomfortable things you could ever buy. They are only for people that are already super model thin. For everyone else, forget it. If you truly want the glamour and sexiness of a corset, do yourself a favor and buy a real corset. A well made corset is extremely comfortable, but most people will not dish out that kind of money for one.You won’t regret it though. I love mine!

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