Three C's

1. Cingular – yet another reason to hate them. I’m no longer with them and they are still sending me messages to update my SIM card! Leave me alone. I don’t need anymore of your text messages or voicemails telling me I need to update a phone I do not use for a service that I have long since cancelled!

2. (Wedding) Check Off List! Got a few more things accomplished. 🙂

  • Dropped off fabric for dress/corset. Mock up should be ready before Christmas hopefully.
  • Both my favor and invite paper arrived! Lots of DIY time ahead.
  • Met with the second florist and LOVED LOVED the ideas. And they seemed very organized. Should have their quote next week. And as I predicted to myself, the first florist got back to me with a quote on the day I met with the second florist. The timing of things for me lately have been like that lately. As soon as I freak out, something finally comes through. Ugh. The quote was reasonable, but I will wait on the second florist. A little extra effort and professionalism is worth the extra price.
  • Plans for this weekend to look at stones and gems for jewelry that my sister will be making!! 🙂

3. Car crash!!!! 🙁 Got in a fender bender yesterday. My poor Civc Hybrid is squished. Got rear ended while I was at a complete stop in freeway traffic. Got slammed pretty hard. I think my car has the most damage of all cars involved since I got kind of sandwiched. As far as I know, I’m the only one with injuries. Got some serious whiplash right now. Neck and back are KILLING me. Hello neckbrace and darvocet! I sure hope it gets better on it’s own. I went through enough physical therapy the first time I got into a fender bender so many years ago. I now have to drive a cheapy basic Chevy Aveo and it sucks. I want my car back. 🙁 🙁

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