81 Days….

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday season.

3 months to go. Yikes!!!!! Where does the time go? So much to do, so little time. Good news is we have been very productive!

  • We now have an officiant!
  • Jason picked out his best man and his two groomsmen
  • Started working on the favors…good thing too since I was told I need another 120! Eeek.
  • Deposit down on the florist. I don’t get to see a sample until 3 weeks before the wedding, but so far I am loving my florist. She has been very responsive to all my questions and changes.
  • Picked out the style of jewelry for me and the bridesmaids. My sister, being the crafty one she is, will be making them for me.

We still need to get the tuxes for the guys, order the other part of the favors, book a place for the rehearsal dinner, and get going on the invites. We also need to get our contract for the ceremony location. I am hoping that will be this month according to what they said.

The biggest news is that I went to my first fitting of my dress and corset today and I am SOOO EXCITED!!! She made a mockup of not just the corset but the entire dress. It was all made out of boring fabric, but I can envision the dress in my head. The corset mockup was made out of the actual fabric (we bought plenty) so that the pattern could be matched up and for us to figure out the embroidery. It fit like a dream. It’s going to look absolutely gorgeous. I am glad that I took the risk on my dress!

In other news, my car is still at the body shop. I hope that it will be ready soon. I don’t know how much longer I can stand driving the rental. I’ve gotten used to it, but filling up the tank so often is awful. Yes, my hybrid spoiled me much.

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