Hot hot hot!

Will this insane heat go away already!?! And why oh why did the worst of the weather have to fall during Labor Day weekend? Jason and I spent all day Sunday at Huntington Beach with some friends for a last summer hurrah. As glad I was to not have been in the sweltering IE, it was still pretty hot at the beach. This Asian chicky got sunburned BAD! I hardly do, at most my shoulders, but this time my legs, arms, and chest are all nice and red. My saving grace was the ice cold ocean.

In spite of the burns, it was a great time at the beach with Sean, Carla, Eddy, Skip, and Sue. Yummy food on the BBQ + a nice bonfire with s’mores + sun, sand, water + friends = good times.

We tried to plan our next beach outing to be at one of the Crystal Cove cottages for our anniversary, but no such luck. Those suckers went fast and I clicked on the reserve button right at 8 am when they became available. 🙁 So now we need to decide to go with a different beach rental or to go up to the mountains and rent a cozy cabin. I’m leaning towards a cabin right now.

We also need to decide between Mardi Gras or a trip to China next February. If we do Mardi Gras, we need to start looking for flights soon. I would LOVE to go to Mardi Gras again. I miss the city. I miss my hooches. But depending on the details of the China trip, which would be with my parents, it may be an opportunity that we can’t pass up and will have to push NOLA back one more year. Must find some time this week to talk to my mom.

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  1. Angela

    that Crystal Cove place looks sooo nice!! I looked at their site and they said they get cancellations a lot, so maybe you can try your luck again later 😉


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