Is this a carb or a protein?

With my begging, Jason and I spent last night at the LA County Fair. It’s the foodie in me. I don’t go for the rides. Or the animals. Or all the weird stuff on sale. Point me to the the crazy deep fried stuff! It took some time to get there as we got lost along the way.


But we finally made it after making a stop at the mall to get tickets through an AT&T store. Grabbed a map of the fair food and off we went! I wasn’t about to eat my way through the fair. All I wanted was to try some fried Coke. I mean really….who the hell thinks up of frying Coke!?! Took quite a bit of walking (gotta walk off what we eat afterall) and a lot of squirming through crowds but we eventually hit jackpot.


A month’s worth of calories all in one photo. Fried veggies, fried s’more and of course, the fried Coke.


The Coke and s’more were tasty!! The Coke looked like itty bitty bits of funnel cake made with Coke and then topped with whipped cream and a cherry. I think the cherry was the healthiest thing in the photo. The Coke flavor was subtle, but just right for me. The s’more was just a oozing pile of pure bliss. However, the veggies were no bueno. I think everyone was going after the sweets and they were sitting out for awhile. Blech. Make matters worse, I thought I would buy an ear of roasted corn to make up for the disastrous veggies. $4 for so so corn dripping in butter. I can make better corn than that. Lesson learned…just say no to veggies at the fair. 😉

I think all that grease had side effects on my vision…


In the end, we had spent at most two hours there. We left the house with $100 in hand and came back with about $40. We didn’t even go on any rides. I don’t want to imagine how much other people are spending at the fair. At these costs, I find myself feeling that Disneyland is cheaper!

5 thoughts on “Is this a carb or a protein?

  1. Marie

    OMG fried coke!!! Our state fair just started. Our next door neighbor works there and is going to give us some free tickets. I’m mainly interested in the weird stuff you can buy and the demonstrations (like glass blowing and such), but if there is fried Coke I will have to try it!


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