Last Saturday I went and did an introductory session over at Dream Dinners. If you’ve never heard of them, it is a meal assembly store to make cooking meals a little easier on those short on time or perhaps a little short on kitchen talent. They rotate items and have different menus every month to choose from. You sign up ahead of time for a session and pick out your meals. Then when it’s time to go there, all you need to do is bring along a cooler or box to pack up all your food. They’ve got several food prep stations laid out for each different meal they offer. When you get there, you get a set of labels with the food your ordered complete with cooking instructions and you go station to station and prepare your meals. Each station has a recipe list of the ingredients you will need. What is great is that outside of the main food item (meat usually), you can add or subtract the other ingredients to your liking. So if you like things spicy, you can add more heat. Don’t like ginger? Cut it out. The introductory offer was 3 meals (six servings each) for $50. About $3 a serving. After that, any future sessions are booked at a 36 serving minimum. You can do 6 serving meals or if you can do half that and do 3 serving meals if you’re feeding a smaller number of people. It is slightly more cost effective to do the 6 serving meals.

I found it to be super easy and so convenient! My three choices were garlic and balsamic marinated roast, Caribbean pork roast with honey mustard sauce, and stuffed flounder with white wine sauce. Everything is laid out for you at the different food stations and you just put the different ingredients into zip lock bags and you are all set. I love that the meats are all lean and lowfat as possible. Most of the recipes are pretty simple. I was able to remember most of the ingredients and jotted them all down when I got home. This way, if we like something I got through them and I can get a good deal on the meat through a sale, I will be able to make it myself for about the same price or cheaper!

I’ve already cooked the sirloin roast and it is sooo delish. Had it for lunch today. We are not big dinner eaters and are also cutting down our portions to lose some weight, so I was able to stretch the 6 servings into 8 and they are our Dream Lunches rather than dinner. The marinade made a wonderful sauce for the roast. They tell you to discard the marinade but why!?! Stick it on the stove and let it cook and reduce, add a bit of starch and it makes an amazing sauce to put over the meat. To go along with it, I made some spaghetti squash with grated mizithra cheese and some mushroom and quinoa risotto.

I’ve already signed up for another session for the end of October. It’s not something I would do every month…it’s a lot of food for two people on diets! But this is definitely something I would do a handful of times a year to try new things. It’s a great way to add new things to my cooking repertoire.

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  1. sarah

    Marie – It would definitely be a good business. Seems pretty easy to run and a great concept.

    Andy – You’ve got a great site. In fact, I used it before I even stepped foot at the Dream Dinners. 🙂


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