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Two weekends ago, I finally got a chance to go to Salo Salo Grill in Moreno Valley. Very yum, but best for dining in than take out unless you live super close by. After being stuck in traffic, the food got a bit cold and it also meant no ordering dessert for surely the halo halo would have been a melted mess. On Angela’s recommendation, I got the chicken tocino which was very good. Must try the pork next time. For the veggies, I got the adobong kang kong with lechon. Oooooooh. The water spinach in adobo sauce and garlic reminded me of my mom’s stir fry with black bean sauce. And the lechon was moist and the skin crunchy! To accompany both items was the garlic fried rice…because garlic makes everything better. Since I nixed dessert as take out, I had some calamansi juice instead. Refreshing and made me hunt down some actual calamansi fruit the next day. Those tiny citrus orbs are potent little suckers! Anyhow, it is a shame it is a bit of a drive, otherwise I would try everything on the menu quickly. Would definitely go again.

This past weekend came other food ventures. I spent Saturday driving back to Monterey Park to visit my folks and my friend Kat. Being the good daughter that I am, I drove my mom around a few places to get some errands done. One of the stops, Yum Cha Cafe! Crazy busy dim sum store front. Got some shrimp rice noodles, stuffed tofu, shrimp siu mai, and steamed custard buns. I love my mom. 🙂 But the food doesn’t stop there. My mom knows her way around a garden and has her own persimmon tree and dragon fruit cactus. When I told her I saw some puny dragon fruit at Stater Brothers $13 a pound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she bestowed me with two of hers and a bag of persimmons as well. I love love dragon fruit. Not only are they tasty, but they are soooo pretty!!

But wait, there’s more! I always leave with a box full of stuff. My mommy dearest also packed away for me some moon cakes, squash, marinated pork chops, strawberries, xoi (vietnamese sticky rice), shiny new wok, and the best of all….my mom’s stir fried curry crab. To die for and dare I say better than any stir fried crab you can get at a Chinese restaurant. And this is why I’m always missing my mom’s cooking! I am gonna need to spend some time with my mom in the kitchen. I can cook the regular every day food just fine, but would love to learn all the special dishes that I crave. The only things I’ve dared to attempt to recreate on my own without help and with decent success is her chicken curry stew and the braised pork belly and eggs. I fear everything else is out of reach without some help.

I know, food food food. There was some non food things going on as well. For one thing, I nabbed myself a Wii! Wheeee! Bad news is Jason won’t set it up for me until December. Boooo. I may have to snag my small old tv from my parents and hook it up that way. 😛

Watched Good Luck Chuck while out with Kat. It was an okay movie. A teeny bit reminiscent of Wedding Crashers. Lots of naked boobies for the guys out there though. I much preferred my Netflix movie, Safe House with Patrick in your face Stewart! Both funny and serious and he is in very good shape for his age. (Naked Picard butt alert).

I am thinking the site is due for a redesign, but not sure when I can find the time for it. I love my angel up above, but it’s been years. I think I took that photo in 2001?? Deciding at the moment between a completely new look or bringing back an old look and making it wordpress friendly with some improvements. The layout is a little silly, but I could use some extra silly in my life these days. I promise it’s not food. 🙂

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  1. Angela

    whoa! just last night i was watching the food network and the guy on the commercial for exotic fruits cut open a dragon fruit and i was like “what is THAT!!” ’cause it was so pretty. and then, i saw your blog and the picture and i was like “oh!! THAT’S what it is!!”

    even more ironically? i’ve been drinking vitamin water flavored with dragon fruit for the last two days. i love me some dragon fruit.


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