In a land far far away…

If all goes as planned we will be going to China in February for Chinese New Year! I wouldn’t have thought that we’d be going on this trip months ago. We initially were planning to try to get to New Orleans for Mardi Gras which falls right at the same time. It was a tough decision, with none of my siblings coming along. My brother wanted to go, but my mom told him no because my niece is too young for the cold weather and my sisters are unavailable for one reason or another. Then my folks offered to foot the cost of the trip, so how could we say no? 🙂

We’ll be going for just short of two weeks. And since just about everyone asks this, no, we’re not visiting relatives. All my relatives that are not in the states are in Vietnam. There are Chinese people NOT in China. *gasp* 😉 It’s just a fun, for the hell of it, trip. I’m not quite sure what’s on the agenda yet for the trip, but it would be fun if we were anywhere near where the Olympics stuff is being set up.

It will be an interesting trip. I’m surprised at how gung ho Jason has been at wanting to go. One, it’s going to be cold. He HATES the cold. And it meant being on a long trip with my parents. In China. Not knowing Chinese. I’m not even sure if *I* like the idea of that. Along with my parents and us, it will be some of my father’s friends. So we are the odd ones out. But I know it will be fun regardless and will be a nice growth experience.

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  1. Loraine

    It DOES sound like a lot of fun! I’ve always wanted to visit China- among other places. The closest I’ve gotten is Chinatown in San Francisco. It will definitely be an experience to remember for you two. Don’t forget to tell us all about the food!!


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